Horrorible Review: “The Mad”

 Enjoy this Monday with Mildred!

 This is also a Zombie World Tour post!

 The Mad

So, here I thought I was continuing my Zombie World Tour with a quick trip to Ireland. Somehow I ended up with this zombie movie…parody?…spoof?…unwitting piece of crap? You know zombie comedies are my absolute favorite, with two comedies being up there in my top five favorites and another juuuuust below that.

Well, The Mad is NOT an Irish film full of American actors set in America.  It’s the lame story of a lame dad on a trip with his carnal girlfriend, his pouty daughter and her nice but utterly clueless boyfriend.  They stop for food at the “comically  rendered” send up of “down home” theme restaurants that are too dorky to be cool even if they understood their place in the world (to be laughed at by cool people).

Once inside they become surrounded by “comically rendered” guttural zombies with soap suds cascading out of their mouths (that’s how you can tell they’re undead).  The jokes are all in your face and all, “Yuk yuk yuk, aren’t zombies stupid.”  Instead of using the genre to be funny, they’re making fun of the genre.  I could maybe get into that, if the filmmakers had any sense of comic timing or sensibility.  Having four characters stand *next to each other* like they were in a police lineup, discussing whether or not they should refer to the monsters as zombies or something else COULD have been a funny send up of popular fare like The Walking Dead, which never uses the word “zombie”.  Instead they just stand there and talk.  For a long time.

Shortly thereafter I became very familiar with my fast forward button.

I’m wondering if a costume designer produced the film, because there was quite the statement about how you dressed being what you are.  It was pretty much the deepest exploration of anything beyond the “comically rendered” father daughter bonding.

Yeah, I didn’t like it.  But you knew that, right?


The Mad movie poster

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