Web Snippet: “Game of Thrones Theme Meets Jazz”

O.M.G. I love this version of the Game of Thrones theme.

Now you should know that I grew-up with a jazz musician father who played trumpet in a jazz band in Columbus, Indiana. They played the music Satchmo* played; Good old traditional Jazz. It was toe-tapping, finger-snapping, get up and move, FUN music and I loved it. I would often go to sleep being rocked by the jazz my father’s band made in the living room. I loved it. Still do.

So when I found this: Game of Thrones Theme – Swamp Donkeys at BB Kings and I LISTENED to it! I was overjoyed!!! What a GREAT version of this song! So listen and enjoy! And go buy some Swamp Donkeys ’cause they are good!

Game of Thrones Theme – Swamp Donkeys at BB King’s

 Now THAT’S Jazz!

So go buy some Swamp Donkeys and ENJOY the great music!!!


Oh and if you want to hear another version of the theme song, enjoy Different Drummer Belly Dancers opening their 2012 Gen Con performance with the song. It is the opening number.

 Swamp Donkeys Website photo.

*Satchmo is Louis Armstrong, God’s Trumpet Player and Gift to Jazz Music.

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