Web Snippet: “Writer’s Block via PHD Comics”

LOL! Ok if you are not familiar with PHD Comics, your time has come: Get familiar!!! PHD Comics.

PHD stands for “Piled Higher and Deeper” which is a joke for those of us with or pursuing or know those who have or are pursing PhDs. Note that a PhD stands for Doctorate in Philosophy – and then you add your subject like Folklore or Kinesiology, etc. Getting a PhD is like running a marathon at double a sprinter’s pace without the benefit of proper food or sleep. Seriously. It is hard work and those who get their PhDs deserve our respect.

Since I work in academia – and I LOVE IT! – PHD Comics always makes me laugh. I made sure a while ago to get PHD Comics in my email and today I was super pleased! PHD Comics explains Writer’s Block!! See the instructional picture, er, comic below.

PHD Comic: Writer's Block comicLOVE IT! Especially since this morning I was thinking that I really needed to finish that second installment of Avengerville. Now I totally know why I’ve been having problems.

Humor is not all you will find on PHD Comics. They have wonderful entertaining and instructional videos on PHD TV. Educators, please use these in your classroom/curriculum. Everyone else watch and learn and laugh. I think these are just as good as the Ted Talks – sometimes better. Below is embedded my favorite ’cause I LOVE coffee.

See? That’s great stuff! (I’m so glad I daily fight Alzheimer’s. :))

There are also Books! Shirts! Mugs! and a Movie!! PHD Shirts and Stuff.

So check out PHD Comics and start laughing – and learning. It is so worth it.

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