Behind the Scenes: “Orphan Black – Clone Dance Party”

I enjoy the show Orphan Black that plays on BBC America. I think the lead actress, Tatiana Maslany, should be hailed as the new GREAT talent and should be knighted (if that is possible) for her incredible acting chops.* See Ms. Maslany plays on average four different characters per episode and these characters interact with each other!! This calls for lots of technical skill on the part of the Orphan Black production team AND lots of acting skill, LOTS of acting skill from Ms. Maslany. The show is also fun to watch because well it has everything so just go check it out.

Potential * [SPOILER ALERT] *

Now recently an episode aired with a “Clone Dance Party”. Yup. All of the clones danced in one scene. I loved that scene and thought it was amazing. So did a lot of other people. I found this article from The Mary Sue Learn More About That Wicked Dance Party From The Orphan Black Finale and just had to cross-post Jill Pantozzi‘s write-up:

“While I’m very sad Orphan Black won’t be back for a while, their season finale was incredibly enjoyable to watch (check out my visual recap!). Not only did it have all the Clone Drama we’ve come to expect, it also featured a really fun, yet highly technical, scene. This video shows how it was done, and below we have one of the creators, Graeme Manson, explaining a bit more.

Manson posted some background information on the BBC America website. He writes:

“Clone Dance Party” had been written on a card and pinned to the board very early in the season 2 writer’s room.  As often happens, what started as kind of a joke grew into a good idea – a non-talky, active way to capture the emotional climax of the season. To reunite our Trinity of Sarah, Cosima and Alison – with a new moon, Helena. Because of course we’re not satisfied with three clones interacting. No, we just gotta try four

Heroic on set work by 1st AD Joanna Moore and Katherine Hughes and their team – the culmination of a couple months of pitching the sequence and marshalling the extra time in the shooting schedule to pull it off.  Key crew gave lunches to meetings; Tat, Jordan and 3 acting doubles stole rehearsal time during the shooting of 109. Then it was time to bring on the Technodolly!  The motion control beast that comes with several operators, multiple monitors, and its own separate playback system.

There’s lots more, including photos, at the source, but I just had to share this image of their floor plan:


You can watch the making video below too.

AND check out the Orphan Black Website post about this scene as well – The Hive Recap: By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried.


Now go watch some Orphan Black!

Orphan Black logo - When did I become us?



* Good grief if she were a man she would be adored like Cumberbatch and Hiddleston, but that’s for another post about sexist BS.

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    • Why thank you for your kind words. I am glad you are enjoying the blog.

      Yes eventually I will review all of Orphan Black and you bet it will be positive. 🙂

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