TV Review: “Turn”

INTRODUCTION: I am a rabid, frothing at the mouth patriot. I love my country! Oh and I totally understand if you love yours – no matter what country it is – cause it makes sense to me. Nothing makes me more patriotic than the American Revolution. I first discovered my patriotic fervor when I saw 1776 – see my review. So I tend to love/want to see things about the Revolution. So when a Turn advertisement came on TV, Hubby and I knew we were going to have to TiVo it. So glad I did.


OVERALL: Huzzah! What a great show. Glad I am watching it.

POINTS: Great characters, sets, writing, costumes, acting, filming, editing, music, etc. Ths

PITFALLS: Aw bother, the first season is almost over. When will this be out on DVD? I need it by July 4.

FEMALE CHARACTER(S): Oh yeah, we got great characters. We see Anna Strong (played by Heather Lind) and Mary (played by Meegan Warner) the most. In a way they show the full ends of views about the Revolution: Anna is the Patriot who is willing to risk much to help the Revolution and Mary is interested in staying alive and being part of her community and not being involved in either side of the war.  Also, I rejoice when I see Abigail played by Idara Victor come on the screen. She is a freed slave – well sort of thanks to a British decree – and we see her help the rebels, fight for her own freedom and personhood, and basically rock the screen.

CULTURAL PITFALL(S): Well yes it is a story that has primarily focused a great deal on white European descent people. That is a reflection of our history books as well as the fact that the battle was a fight between primarily European and European descent powers. So I am glad that there are PoC in this show and their trials in this time are also shown.


1.) Sides. There are no cut and dry good guys and bad guys. Ok you’re right, Patriots all the WAY!! But this program shows that bad people and good people are on each side. I will always side with the Patriots, but I am glad that everyone is portrayed as human. After all living during this time in what would become America must have been difficult. If you chose a side, you could be attacked and lose everything. Same if you didn’t choose a side. Would have been very very tough.

2.) PoC. So excellent that the issues of African descent people are being shown. This is a rock and a hard place for African descent people. They were slaves – mostly – and were given freedom by the British. BUT this freedom had a string attached – work for the crown as soldiers to maids and you MIGHT get your freedom given to you at the end. Wow. I am enjoying watching their struggle for freedom and a life. I am also hoping that the American Indians get a chance to have their story told. We do have one American Indiana character on the screen – argh I can’t find him on IMDB!! – and we need to see more of the American Indian struggle. They were also caught between a rock and a hard place with what was happening in the Revolution. Plus the genocide that follows is a great shame in our history. So was the slavery. Let us sin no more.

BECHDEL TEST (Website): Depending on the episode 0 to 3. And ooooo can that 3 ROCK!!!! I love watching women participate in spy work – even if some of them are unaware of it. So cool. Even cooler that we have Women of Color participating as well.

RACIAL BECHDEL TEST (Website): No official write-up about this show at the time. However depending on the episode it ranges 0 to 3. 🙂 We do have PoC characters but they do not always interact verbally eve when they are in the same scene. Still it is cool to see them.

IMDB: TURN (TV Series 2014 – )


BOOK LINK: Washington Spies: The Story of America’s First Spy Ring

DVD/BLU-RAY WORTHY: YES!!! I hope this comes out before my extremely patriotic 4th of July party. That way I can play it alongside 1776 for a truly patriotic multimedia experience. 🙂

Turn poster for AMC TV

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