Movie Review: “Robocop” (2014)

INTRODUCTION:  I saw the first Robocop on vacation in Denver, Colorado with my soul sister. We enjoyed the movie very much. So when the new version came out in 2014 I was extremely skeptical. After all, there was no Peter Weller with his amazing jaw line to carry the movie. I am happy to report that I was wrong. Very wrong.


OVERALL: Well WOW!! This was really good. And believable. I was impressed the minute it Samuel L. Jackson was heard warming up his voice. The movie kept me guessing and entertained.

POINTS: Well made movie with good pacing and a wide range of characters. I enjoyed it. Also there were several African-American characters and the extras seemed to be varied in color and gender as well. Always like that.

PITFALLS: I missed the Murphy character from the original movie.

FEMALE CHARACTER(S): The main heroine, Robocop’s wife, Clara Murphy played by Abbie Cornish is a typical “wife” in a movie where the male lead/husband goes through some trauma. We see her at home and I always wonder if the “wife” character works. Although she seems to be a typical “wife” she does have some backbone and does some cool things at the end. Granted we really only see her as wife and mother, but you can see Ms. Cornish is building, or at least trying to build a fun character.

There are also several other supporting female characters that are fun. I love the actress Jennifer Ehle who plays a lawyer/corporate type. It is fun to watch her manipulate and change tactics depending on who she is talking to in the movie. There is also Chief Karen Dean played by Marianne Jean-Baptiste who is the police chief. Yay! However there is an unfortunate with this.

CULTURAL PITFALL(S): I missed the character of Murphy from the original movie. She was a cop who worked with the Robocop. I missed having a cool woman cop.

* [SPOILER ALERT] * The police chief who is a black woman ends up being a villain. Drat.  However this did not make me as angry as usual due to many colors and genders in the movie in the background and taking up supporting roles.  * END [SPOILER ALERT] *


1.)  Men and Women. When people in this movie talk about the general public characters say men and women – not only men. I truly appreciate that.

2.) Acting. I love this cast. So many good actors and actresses working together. They are masters of their craft and watching them work was a joy. I haven’t seen Michael Keaton in years and it was good to watch him flex his acting muscles. I always love seeing Jennifer Ehle too. Her voice and delivery are always perfect. Samuel L. Jackson opens this movie and commands it as a sort of narrator. Well done everyone.

3.) Surprise. Speaking of acting the Robocop himself Joel Kinnaman was quite excellent. I thought he was a nobody who could never match the chops or skill of Peter Weller the original Robocop.

4.) Samuel L. Jackson opening the  movie with vocal exercises. OMG. I LOVED IT!!!

5.) * [SPOILER ALERT] * There is a scene when Alex Murphy aka Robocop discovers he is more machine than human. In these scene he and the audience can see his lungs working and his brain being kept functioning due to the machines. It is very moving and scary.  * END [SPOILER ALERT] *

BECHDEL TEST (Website): 2 of 3. Well done.

RACIAL BECHDEL TEST (Website): Couldn’t find anything from the site at this time but I would rate it a 1 of 3. There are at least three named African-American characters in the movie and they all have their own personalities and jobs in the movie.

IMDB: Robocop (2014)


DVD/BLU-RAY WORTHY: Yes! In fact, I got to see it in my living room.

LION PAW PRINTS:  3 of 5. Well done.

Robocop movie poster from 2014

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