GOTHAM Extended Trailer Reaction

I too am looking forward to Gotham. 🙂

Popcorn Whiskey

Fox released an extended trailer for their new show Gotham. Taking place in the DC universe, Gotham tells the story of Detective James Gordon and a young Bruce Wayne starting with the day that changed the world, the Day Bruce Wayne’s parents where violently shot dead in front of him. Fan’s of Batman are excited to see the origin stories of fan favorites like the Joker, Catwoman, and the Riddler.

MV5BMTkwMzMzNDc3MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMzgzNDI2Mg@@._V1_SY317_CR1,0,214,317_AL_Right off the bat, we see that the murder of the Wayne’s has outraged the Mayor and Gotham and he has sworn to rid the city of all the murders and thugs (I don’t think he will be successful…). We then meet the new kid on the police team, a pre-mustache James Gordon played by Ben McKenzie (yeah it’s the kid from the OC). And guess who is there to comfort Bruce at the crime sense of his parent death?…

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