Web Snippet: “The Sleepover”

OMG. This is so much fun. Here is another horror movie mixed with humor Web snippet that you must see because you will so enjoy it. From the creative talents of Chris Cullari comes this fun Web snippet that puts an old school spin on horror movies.

The Sleepover is about two boys who have a baby sitter. Thank goodness they do have this babysitter ’cause she packs a punch. First, enjoy the teaser trailer (sorry can’t do embedded video – link will open in new window):

The Sleepover Teaser Trailer

Now go and enjoy the full movie. Five minutes of pure enjoyment:

The Sleepover

Now wasn’t that fun?!

I wrote old school above because our first big popcorn movie with a serial killer Halloween would be pleased with this short film. We have cool female characters, interesting boys (I gotta admit I like that the bratty one…well watch) and all around great timing and production quality. Plus good acting.

Well done Cullari and Cast and Crew! I hope to see more from all of you in the future.

The Sleepover graphic



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