Wyatt Cenac and Brown Hobbits

Oh my. Yes. What Wyatt Cenac says in this video is amazing – and angers me. Watch this very funny, and *headdesk* producing  video here:

Wyatt Cenac – Background Hobbits

Frankly I don’t know why there aren’t PoC in the Lord of the Rings movies. Wait, stop, people, ok? Before you even start to explain Tolkien to me know that I am Tolkien Fanatic(TM) and have loved these books for over 35 years. I have literary criticism, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and bestiaries about Tolkien’s world. I have original editions of The Silmarillion and The Red Book of Westmarch*. I have close to 10 copies of the trilogy alone and 5 copies of The Hobbit. I have whole shelves and parts of my soul dedicated to Tolkien. So when I say yes, thank you I know Tolkien wrote a mythology for England and therefore the characters would be white I can totally see your point. And yet


We are talking about a movie that is being distributed around the world. I doubt the producers care about the color of the ticket buyers – only the color of their money. Lord of the Rings is loved by the world – shouldn’t the world see itself in it? Oh and England and the British Empire has many colors and nationalities in it. So let us rejoice in our LOVE of Tolkien and goodness sake have some color in there.

I’m disappointed in your Peter Jackson and Co. Some brown hobbits would have been great.

Wyatt Cenac and Background Hobbits

*If you don’t know what that is, look it up.


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