Media Thoughts IMHO: “Don’t Mess With The Wedding”


Castle and Grimm ended their seasons with crashed and/or ruined weddings.

Uh, no.

Just no.

The reason I cannot abide this is because ruining a wedding takes too big of a toll on people. Ruining a wedding to emphasize drama just doesn’t work for me. Having a ruined wedding as a backdrop for a story or a joke or an oops moment is not funny. Why? Well have you ever had to plan a wedding?

I planned and organized my wedding. I loved it, it was great, it was one of the best days of my life. I love my husband and I would do it again. In fact we might for our 20th anniversary.  And because I planned, organized, and paid for most of my wedding, I know how much time, energy, and money goes in to a wedding. There are months of planning, budgeting, not to mention the logistics of getting everyone to the wedding spot. It is too important a day for the couple and their loved ones and it is too expensive an event to ruin for the sake of a story.

Now if you want to have drama after the wedding, great! Have the characters experience the drama as they arrive home after the wedding. Then all of the time, energy, planning, and money will not be in vain.

Now look, I want people who love each other to be together. I want that in real live and fiction. As my husband and I say to each other “Bears gotta be together. (Trust us, it’s a love thing.) If a character has found his/her bear, then they need to be together because they will be happy. I like for people to be happy and I like for people to be happy in love. I want people to have great weddings no matter the size or cost. It is too important a day to have ruined. It just is.

No, I don’t think I would look back and laugh if my wedding was destroyed by my groom missing or my friends freaking out over an uninvited guest or the sewage overflowing on the floor.* That is not laughable, it is not funny, and no one would really laugh about it later. It would always cause pain.

I know, I know, this is probably just me. If you disagree fine. You will love many shows. I just won’t enjoy or watch them with you because I avoid cringing.

Thanks for putting up with this post.  I just hope that  in the future, all weddings be happy and disaster/drama free, ok? Yeah, alright, I know, I sound like a crazy romantic.

I’m ok with that.

*Meet the Fockers.  The ruined wedding was a HUGE part of that movie. Didn’t like it, but that’s for another review (or not).

Photo of wedding flowers

Check out  my Pinterest board Weddings Your Way. Hey, I like weddings.

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