Commercial Review: “Dues – The Audi Commercial”

I love this commercial. Dues – The Audi Commercial is  my favorite commercial right now. Every time it comes on I play it. I have TiVo so that means I can rewind it and watch it many times. I do, too. How do I love it? Let me count the ways!!

1.) Multiracial. Oh yes!! We have white people, yellow people, black people! Hooray!

2.) Both Sexes. OMG both men and women are in this commercial. Plus they are not all doing stereotypical things. Squee!

3.) Ages. Oh we have a variety of ages! And body types!!!

In short this commercial is crazy diverse!!

Now it is also very funny. I mean it has Ricky Gervais so humor is a given. Plus some of the characters, like the Chef, have funny bits. The actress in the 1700s outfit is giggle worthy. What is also great about the commercial is how well made it is. It builds in tension through sound, visuals, character situations. It peaks with some great singers – I want a version of  We Are The Champions sung by them. I pretty much love EVERYONE and EVERYTHING in this commercial.

So watch and enjoy and let me know what you favorite parts are as well.

2015 Audi A3 Commercial

Dues - Audi commercial image

Screenshot of the commercial show Ricky Gervais and unknown driver.

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