TV Review: “The Americans”

OVERALL: Holy Toledo Blades this show is GOOD!!

POINTS: If you remember the ’80s/Regan Era/End of the Cold War this show will really resonate with you. If you don’t remember or even care about any of that this show will resonate with you. It is just that good.

PITFALLS: I’ll let you know.

FEMALE CHARACTER(S): Oh yeah. The women on this show are far from shallow. First you have Elizabeth Jennings played the talented Keri Russell, is a powerhouse of acting and carrying the show. You see the character’s love for her country and her duty stand again her conflict in the difficulties of being a spy. Nina Sergeevna played by Annet Mahendru is a wonderful character and one that you feel sorry for – a lot. Then there is the lovely young Paige, Elizabeth’s daughter, played by Holly Taylor, who bringing more than the usual teenage angst to the show. Viewers often get the feeling she is a great spy just like her parents. Finally, one of my favorite actresses Margo Martindale is in this show. She is deadly and villainous and sometimes very sympathetic. Hubby and I LOVE seeing her com on the screen.

CULTURAL PITFALL(S): Well it would be better with some steady PoC characters. Plus the racial conflict of the day would be good to show. Also again, as someone who has lived through the ’80s I find myself wondering about what the characters will think when 1990 rolls around. No more wall, no more Cold war – what will they do? I am amused by the events the characters are living through and how the world has changed.

HIGH POINT(S): All of it. The acting, directing, writing, concept, sets, costumes – it is an amazing show. Oh and cheers to the men as well: Matthew Rhys is a fantastic leading man and TV husband to Keri Russell. Noah Emmerich is excellent as an FBI agent who has a lot of moral turmoil

BECHDEL TEST (Website): 2 of 3. There are times that the women on the show talk together, but it is not often. Yes there are mother daughter conversations between Elizabeth and her daughter Paige concerning the usual growing-up parent/child conflict.

RACIAL BECHDEL TEST (Website): 0 of 3. Unfortunately there are no major characters played by PoC. *sigh* There have been a few here and there – including a love interest for Elizabeth – but nothing steady. Too bad.

IMDB: The Americans (TV Series 2013 – )

OFFICIAL WEBSITE:  The Americans | Wednesdays 10 pm.


LION PAW PRINTS:  4 of 5. Holy Goodness this is really good.

The Americans logo

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