TV Review: “Kim Possible”

OVERALL: This show makes me so happy. I should start TiVoing it again so I can watch it again.

POINTS: What a fun show! It pokes fun at high school stereotypes, James Bond, and the world in general – how could you not love it? This show makes me smile and laugh and cheer. So much fun to have a nice gender poking TV show with a wonderful heroine and hero. Yup, that’s right. Sidekick Ron Stoppable is just as awesome as Kim.

PITFALLS: Why is this show over? Why can’t I buy the series on DVD – at a reasonable price? Why?!?

FEMALE CHARACTER(S): Yes. Oh Kim Possible she is so much fun. She is the daughter of a rocket scientist (dad) and a brain surgeon (mom).

CULTURAL PITFALL(S): More characters of color would be nice.

HIGH POINT(S): 1.) “I’ve got a Website and I’m not afraid to use it.” – Kim Possible. This is quite possible one of my favorite quotes of all time. Especially since I have so many Websites. 2.) Rufus the naked mole rat, pet to Ron Stoppable. Talk about funny pet that also helps in the adventures. 3.) Great and silly villains. Everyone from Monkey Fist, Professor Dementor, and Dr. Drakken with his sidekick Shego. BTW, Shego is incredibly snarky and makes me laugh. 4.) Action and adventure. It is just fun to watch a teenage woman spy who saves the world on a weekly basis. It is just FUN. 5.) Fun theme song.

BECHDEL TEST (Website): 3 of 3. Yup. Kim often has conversations with other women about all kinds of things that are not boy related. Nice. 🙂

RACIAL BECHDEL TEST (Website): Drat, I don’t think so. There are People of Color in the show – Kim’s computer genius is an African American young man, but I do not know, other than occasionally talking to his parents, how much conversation there is.

IMDB: Kim Possible (TV Series 2002-2007)

OFFICIAL MOVIE WEBSITE:  Kim Possible | Disney Channel. Also check out the Kim Possible -Wikipedia.

DVD/BLU-RAY WORTHY: Yes!! But argh. The only available DVDs are the movies – which I already own – and the series which can be bought used for $40+. Come on Disney, let us download these!!! However you can watch some episodes here on the Disney Shows YouTube Channel Kim Possible Playlist. (Ok, I might forgive the no DVDs for a bit.)

LION PAW PRINTS:  4 of 5. Love this show.

Kim Possible show poster

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