TV Reviews: “Ironside”

OVERALL: Enjoyable, muscular, and sexy. And no I’m not just talking about Blair Underwood.

POINTS: It is nice to see someone in a wheelchair who is agile, sexy, and strong. That is what Blair Underwood brings to the role of Ironside. I remember the original series and even as a young girl I wondered why the police would hire so many caretakers for one cop. In this Ironside he is self-sufficient and his team doesn’t have to drive him or do his housekeeping. Maybe that is a sign of the times on how people in wheelchairs are encouraged to live their lives differently. Again, it is good to see Ironside self-sufficient and in command. Has a girlfriend too. 🙂

Plus Ironside’s boss is Asian!!! He has been in every episode so far too!!! So once again we have a multicultural cast. I am liking this trend!!!!!!!!!

PITFALLS: WTF NBC? The show is already cancelled!!! NBC axes ‘Ironside’  Well *raspberry*. Couldn’t you have given this show more time? Bother. I was so looking forward to the next seasons watching the characters evolve.

FEMALE CHARACTER(S): Holly, played by Spencer Grammer, seems a little stereotypical. She is quiet and does not appear to have as much power or control as the men do. Just bothersome, that she can’t be as cool and awesome as say Carter in Person of Interest or Abbie in Sleepy Hollow, or even Watson in Elementary. Which is now making me wonder: Is Holly just there to have a pretty blonde on the show? I bet Ms. Spencer Grammer can do more than that. 

CULTURAL PITFALL(S): The female character has to be subdued compared to the men around her. And yes, things could be worse. Plus they had to make mention that she did not have a partner. Oh right! Because the only true conflict for a female character revolves around a male romantic partner. *RASPBERRY* I don’t know if that was the point when Ironside and Holly shared that short conversation, but I am very tired it. Dear Writers: In the future if you want to give a female character an interesting character conflict outside of the main plot, give her something you would give a man. Thanks. Female characters, like women in general, do not need to have a partner to validate their lives or make them interesting. Thank you.

HIGH POINT(S): See Overall above. It is fantastic to see a person with a disability wheel around, kick butt, take names, and generally be cool. You can see that his disability is not a hindrance for him. Or even those around him.

BECHDEL TEST (Website): Couldn’t find anything but I don’t think it would pass. There is only one female lead and I haven’t seen her talk with another female for any length of time. Still the show is good .

IMDB:  Ironside (TV Series 2013 -)



 LION PAW PRINTS:  3 of 5. Check this show out before NBC dismisses it for good.

Ironside TV poster

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