Movie Review: “Bound”

OVERALL: Wow. That was quite a movie!!!

POINTS:  Ok, my friend lent me this movie because she loves it. She loves film noir and, according to her, it has the best lesbian love scene ever. Ever. After seeing the movie I would have to agree.  I am not a fan of film noir – I often get annoyed with the characters and feel the movie tries to hard. Please note that Bound has NONE of these problems. It is gorgeous, well acted, and omg the acting is wonderful. Plus this one actually has a happy ending which made it for me. 🙂

PITFALLS:   The movie centers around dealing with the Italian mob. And the mob is not known for their open-minded views on race. There was at least one black man who was a cop and that was nice to see.

FEMALE CHARACTER(S): Yes. Our story centers around Violet played by Jennifer Tilly and Corky played by Gina Gershon. These two becomes lovers, plotters, and partners. They are a blast to watch – especially when they are plotting and thinking their way out of difficult situations. So enjoyable. they do not fall into typical female conversation and it is utterly marvelous. “She’s A Lady” plays at one point in the movie and it is perfect; accentuating the female awesome of these two characters.

CULTURAL PITFALL(S): One thing I like about the directors the Wachowski Siblings is that they do not fall into cultural stereotypes. They also have, like Spike Lee, a sensualist nature when it comes to other human beings and sexuality. This makes their movies breaths of fresh air. Again there was only one black person in the movie, but still good that at least he was there. 🙂 Future Wachowski movies have plenty of cultural and color diversity, as well as gender, and that is a blessing always!! Huzzah to the sibs.  

HIGH POINT(S):  1.) The Red Truck. Oh you just have to see the movie. 🙂 2.) Meg Tilly’s Sexy Voice. When Meg Tilly talks I always prepare myself to be annoyed. But i tell ya’, I think her voice is very sexy. i’m sure I am not alone in thinking this. Her voice, and her acting, were excellent for her role. 3.) Gina Gershon’s Corky in the Bar. “I’m just here for sex.” Oh goodness that was a great and well delivered line!  4.) A New Fave Line. “I hate women who apologize for wanting sex.” Yes indeed. And I hate that our culture tells us we should. 5.) The Wachowski Siblings. Formerly the Wachowski Brothers, these two make beautiful movies together. They made a fave “Cloud Atlas” and their first movie was “Bound”. Well done sibs. I enjoy your work. Keep it up!!!

BECHDEL TEST (Website): I couldn’t find a listing but it is 3 of 3. I mean, no way would this movie not pass the Bechdel Test. We have many scenes between our two heroines and they talk about everything!

IMDB: Bound (1996)

OFFICIAL MOVIE WEBSITE:  Can’t find one so here’s the Wikipedia site – Bound (film).

DVD/BLU-RAY WORTHY: Yes! I must purchase this movie and own it. 🙂

 LION PAW PRINTS:  4 of 5. Wow! talk about good!

Bound (1996) movie poster.

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