Movie Review: “Now You See Me”

OVERALL: Fun, fast-paced, surprised me with plot twists.

POINTS:    Good script and acting. Point to acting: Good ensemble acting. I was impressed with The Four Horsemen and how they worked. Well done. It was also fun to see Mark Ruffalo in this movie. I did not expect to see him as this complex character.

PITFALLS:   Hmmm….. I can’t think of any right now. Check out Cultural Pitfalls.

FEMALE CHARACTER(S):    Henley Reeves played by Isla Fisher was fun. It was also fun to see Melanie Laurent as the Interpol cop Alma Dray. She had a different vibe then the stereotypical woman copy.

CULTURAL PITFALL(S):    Well, these are glaring and only caused me to sigh, but here they go: 1.) Henley’s Pants. So uh, why did the only woman magician have to have her pants pulled off to show her as a sex object. I mean God forbid she be saluted for only her brain.  2.) Alma Dray = Love Interest. So it seem contrived and silly that Alma would fall in love with Ruffalo’s character Dylan Rhodes. I wish that these things would be stated like it really is: She was attracted to him. But he was not terribly lovable. This bugs me because all Alma is there for is to fall in love (oh bore). Plus COME ON! Can we be adults here please? She might have been attracted to him, but love him? No. He behaved erratically. *sigh* 3.) Speaking of Loving Pricks…. Henley is fun and smart but did she have to have a crush/relationship with another magician? Couldn’t she just have been there for her? It seems that sometimes stories must validate a female character by having her fall in love/be connected to a man. Uh, no. If male characters can exist in abundance without romantic attachments then female characters should be able to do it too.

HIGH POINT(S):    The whole thing was fast-paced and fun! Plus I love plot twists that I don’t expect. So cool.

BECHDEL TEST (Website)1 of 3. Too bad it wasn’t more.

IMDB:  Now You See Me (2013)


DVD/BLU-RAY WORTHY:      Yes. In fact that is how I saw it. Glad Hubby bought it.

 LION PAW PRINTS:      3 of 5. Fun and enjoyable.

Now You See Me movie poster

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