Movie Review: “Cloud Atlas”

  • OVERALL: OMG I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! This is a fantastic perfect movie and it should have been up for best picture of the year.
  • POINTS: All of it. Huzzah to the Wachowski siblings for a great work of art and for having a third director, Tom Twyker. This film is beautiful visually, aurally, and spiritually. What a feast. It was an amazing movie.
  • PITFALLS: I don’t own it on DVD/Blu-Ray yet.
  • FEMALE CHARACTER(S): So many, so fun, so great. And they make big differences in the movie. They are real characters who do more then support the men.
  • CULTURAL PITFALL(S): Nope, none, nada, zippo. If anything this movie challenges all cultural stereotype nonsense. It was perfect. 🙂
  • HIGH POINT(S): Well let’s see, all of it!!! Some of my favorite scenes/moments: [POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT BELOW]I loved the scene between Halle Berry’s character and the old man in the elevator. It showed a level of intimacy that can happen between strangers that was just beautiful.

    I loved the fight scene in the future Asian city where the hero so gracefully helps the heroine. He does not look like a traditional action hero and it is good to see him move so beautifully.

    Tom Hanks as an English thug. LOL!

    Actors dressing or made-up as genders or races they were not. Normally this would offend me, but in this movie it made sense and it wasn’t just the white actors dressing as other colors so they could act. All races got a chance to change.

    I loved watching the “souls”, the characters move throughout the many, many stories of the movie. I loved how the movie showed us the journey of the soul and how we help each other over and over again. If you don’t believe in reincarnation, ok, look just view it as an SF movie and enjoy. If you do believe in reincarnation or souls and spirituality, you will love this movie even more. My favorite line “Our lives are not our own.” We all belong to each other.

  • DVD/BLU-RAY WORTHY: OMG this is getting the full pack loaded with the digital copy as well the 3-D.
  •  LION PAW PRINTS:  5 out of 5. Yeah it was that good.

Cloud Atlas movie poster

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  1. Hey I recommend you watch the film Mr Nobody (2009). It has picked up a cult following and is considered the one best films of the 21st century.

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