Movie Review: “A Few Good Men”

  • OVERALL: I finally saw this movie thanks to the AMC channel and TiVo. It was better than I expected and would like to watch this on DVD instead of fast forwarding through the commercials thanks to Tivo. I found the plot and characters more compelling than expected. Plus just watching the Marine rifle corp perform at the beginning of the movie is breath taking. Watching Demi Moore appear along side them and begin a monologue was even better. :0
  • POINTS: Good acting. Interesting plot twists. Plus the movie’s plot unfolded in ways I would never have imagined. Very fun. [SPOILER ALERT] And HOORAY Moore and Cruises’ characters do not hook up in the movie and that was a relief.
  • PITFALLS: There were some predictable moments in the acting/writing but they were few and far between. However when they happened I felt like I could have written them, which bugs me. Plus I just wrote about my disappointment in another Tom Cruise movie with an “angry ’cause she is strong” women character. What is this trend?!? I don’t know if it was Moore’s poor acting, or the fact that she had to play a one note angry Marine, but there was more her character could have done in terms of expression and that was a bit disappointing.
  • HIGH POINT(S): Lead male thinking lead female is making a pass at him. She’s not. 🙂  The Marine rifle corp performing at the beginning and Demi Moore’s movie opening monologue. Plus, of course, Jack Nicholson’s famous line about truth and his line about saluting women in uniform being sexy. Pretty fun.
  •  LION PAW PRINTS: 3 out of 5. I do want to see this again and I can see why it made a splash when it came out.

A Few Good Men movie poster

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