Movie Review: “Jack Reacher”

  • OVERALL: Well whoa. I wasn’t expecting a lot of things that happened in this movie.
  • POINTS:  An action/adventure movie that also operates as an excellent mystery. There were plenty of plot and character twists that left my brain satisfied as well as my adrenal gland. Plus, love him or hate him, Tom Cruise has megawatt star power and can act.
  • PITFALLS:  [SPOILER ALERT] Ok the shoot-out at the end was ridiculous. Plus the character now being on the run was obnoxious, I mean, really?
  • FEMALE CHARACTER(S):  It was fun to see a woman lawyer in the lead female role plus another young woman role who ended up being more integral to the plot then I originally thought. Plus there were a few other small women roles and that was neat. However, a huge flaw in many “strong women” characters” is to make them angry. And when I say angry, I mean that is all they are, angry. Carrie Fisher mentioned this when she talked about Leia in Star Wars. The only way some people know how to write strong women is to make them angry. Now yes strong women and men can be angry – there are lots of reasons to be angry – but making the character only angry is really boring, obnoxious, and insulting.So yes it was a drag that our heroine, though played by a good actress, Rosamund Pike, falls into the “angry” mode 90% of the time and that makes the character dull and the actress unable to do more with the role. I would have preferred her to be well, multi-dimensional in the emotion area. Still it was fun to see Ms. Pike’s large and intense eyes fill up the screen.
  • CULTURAL PITFALL(S): Angry female lead (see above).
  • HIGH POINT(S): Loved the many points made about proper firearm handling in the movie. Also enjoyed the Robert Duvall character preserving his night vision. 🙂 Again, I found it interesting that often the characters did or said things that I was not expecting.
  •  LION PAW PRINTS: 4 our of 5. A very different kind of action/adventure movie and I enjoyed it.

Jack Reacher movie poster.

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