Movie Review: “Catch .44”

  • OVERALL: Excellent acting, writing, and filmmaking. Quentin Tarantino meets small town America. 🙂
  • POINTS: Really good acting along with very clever writing. Hubby compares this to Pulp Fiction in how the narration works. The dialogue and situation are very interesting. So are the characters.
  • PITFALLS: Hmm..well… SPOILER ALERT – It does have a sad ending.
  • FEMALE CHARACTER(S): Several to choose from. Our main heroine was very cool and smart and you really wanted to see her succeed. She was just so cool. I wanted to see her manage a boardroom or the floor of Congress. She was that compelling.
  • CULTURAL PITFALL(S): Well hmm…. I don’t really have any to point out right now. In fact our heroine avoided the ultimate job allocated to a woman in this type of movie, which was prostitute. Cool. I liked that hooking or stripping wasn’t her gig or her friends’ gigs either. (No I am not slamming prostitutes or strippers but I do get tired of seeing that be the occupation of choice for female characters in movies.)
  • HIGH POINT(S): Watching our heroines plan the takeover of the diner. Over and over again. You are not expecting it the first time and the rest of the times, well wow, you do have a different feel about it each time.
  • DVD/BLU-RAY WORTHY: Yup. First time I saw this movie was on my TV via a DVD that Hubby had picked up. (Hubby is good at finding movies.) I will watch it again.
  •  LION PAW PRINTS:  3.5. It was very well made and the acting was great.

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