Horrorible Review: “The Last Days on Mars”

Enjoy this Monday with Mildred!

The film is a nice, near future homage to some classic sf horror, especially the first two Alien movies.  Because I was ironing I’m not entirely sure, but this seems to be an Irish-made film, which would explain the different feel from Standard Hollywood Fare.  The cast is international, with two of the main male actors being ones I personally associate with bad guys.  It was nice to see them being heroic, though otherwise not far from their normal personality.

The filmmakers were going for slow paced and lyrical, inter-spaced with periods of intensity and gore, like Alien.  I found it not to be not so much that, but I appreciated the effort.  The music wasn’t strong enough for that, and neither was the art design.  Alien was a fantastical journey into the mysterious far future.  The Last Days on Mars is hard white plastic and journeyman space suits with a background of innocuous Movie Music.

Don’t take all that to mean I didn’t like the film, because I recommend it.  The monsters (zombies, sort of) were scary and somewhat dangerous.  The women characters were just as tough and fully drawn as the men characters.  The most (terribly unlikeable for it) logical character was a woman.  I liked how, as in Alien, they were ill-equipped to come up with weaponry and were forced to improvise.



The Last Days on Mars movie poster

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