Monday With Mildred: Ghosts

Ghosts, American TV show banner,
Ghosts, American version
Ghosts, British Tv show poster
Ghosts, British version


Being a huge fan of the American version of Ghosts I’ve really been looking forward to watching the original British version. When I finally got close enough to the internet while on vacation, I binged season one. Having watched season one of the American version on CBS since last fall I was familiar with the setup but wondered how much had changed in the trip across the pond, and whether one was significantly better than the other.

The premise for both shows is that a struggling young couple inherits a house from a family member they had never met and upon going to the house they discover it needs a lot of renovation work and it’s full of ghosts that after an injury the wife can see. They’re all people who died on the property at one time or another so there’s a cave man, a “witch” burned at the stake, a renaissance fop, a WWII officer, et cetera. Like the American version, all of the ghosts have different personalities, strengths and desires. For instance both scout masters with the neck arrow has his family come to visit and finds out that he has a grandson. They’re all hilarious, though some are more likeable than others. They’re different enough to make it really interesting and to demonstrate differences in the history between America and Britain. My favorite British ghost is the witch who’s sooty, gives off a puff of smoke when walked through or witches are mentioned. Best of all she’s beautifully daffy. Like the American version, though, I really love them all.

Along with slightly better music and setting, the cinematography and artwork has the more cinematic aspect of British tv, and some really nifty costuming and makeup work. I was disappointed the pants-less ghost never raised his arms like his American cousin occasionally does. I wanted to see if they pixelated his crotch. Oh, well. If you get a chance to see this version, absolutely go for it, because either you’ve loved the American version and this is like getting even more of a great setup, or you haven’t experienced it yet and will belly laugh with everyone else.


And just for fun:

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