TV Review: “Sasquatch”


Sasquatch documentary on Hulu poster

OVERALL: So hubby and I decided to celebrate Memorial Day Weekend 2021 by bingeing lots of recommended shows thanks to friends on Facebook and in conversation. When hubby’s list included Sasquatch I jumped at it. I had wanted to watch that and tried to find it three weeks earlier. I couldn’t so figured it would come up again.

I enjoyed the show very much. I am surprised it was only three episodes and therefore three hours as I really thought it would be more in-depth about searching for sasquatch, aka bigfoot. As the show started I realized it felt more like Murder Mountain.  

I thoroughly enjoyed this documentary and was sorry when it ended. I enjoyed watching the narrator/investigator, David Holthouse, work his way through the mystery and finally come to a conclusion that makes sense. I enjoyed the characters and twists. I really loved the animation used to create scenes that happened in the past or involved people who did not want to be identified.

With a title like Sasquatch, the viewer would think this was all about searching for sasquatch. I liked that they did add sasquatch seekers. I would have enjoy seeing more of that so good thing I found the podcast The Sasquatch Chronicles. I’ll be listening to that later.

I would say yes to watching this. It is creepy and fun and I love how the logically thinking of the interviewer plays out.

SCOTT SAYS: The tie in between real life and mythology makes all worthwhile. You are not sure what he [the narrator] heard and neither is he. He is a very good narrator and writer.

POINTS: As I have stated above, this show reminded me of Murder Mountain. That brought up many other points in my mind and obviously my own filters and prejudices. I could go on about how annoying it is to me that people choose to do/ingest illegal things combined with my equal annoyand of why are they illegal anyway? So I’ll just say read Chasing the Scream and I’m done.

PITFALLS: Ok, I understand that this was also made to excite the viewer but really? Really? Couldn’t you just get rid of the overly dramatic music which leads if not forces the fewer to feel nervous? That just seems so manipulative.

FEMALE CHARACTER(S): This was a documentary so characters weren’t part of it.

CULTURAL PITFALL(S): None. I was impressed that the show addressed issues of racism and white supremacy both historically and during present day.

HIGH POINT(S): It was fascinating and I admired the honesty of the interviewer. When he talked about being raped as a child I was not surprised to see him tackle “monsters.” Since he has been hurt by a human predator he know how to spot and approach them. Very cool.

BECHDEL TEST (Website): Same answer as Female Characters.

RACIAL BECHDEL TEST (Website): Same answer as Female Characters.

IMDB: Sasquatch (TV Mini-Series 2021).

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Sasquatch on Hulu.

DVD/BLU-RAY and/or STAY STREAMING WORTHY: This is definitely stay streaming worthy.



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