Trailer Tuesday: “Bombshell”

Bombshell images of heroines in elevator.


Welcome to Bombshell Part One. Today I write about the amazing teaser trailer that caught my eye about this amazing movie. Tomorrow you can read the full review. 

This teaser is a masterpiece. When I first saw this in the movie theater I of course thought, as many others did, “Is that Megyn Kelly? Is that Gretchen Carlson?” No, it isn’t (in fact the movie opens with a disclaimer saying just that.) However, the face that the viewer, that I thought that, shows the power of acting and filmmaking. 

So ok, back to this teaser. I remember that the music grabbed me. The music and the background noise. Or rather for me, the silence. I could hear the silence of the teaser and that for me lead to the tension. When the three women get into the elevator my senses were screaming “OMG SOMETHING BIG IS GOING ON HERE!” I was correct. 

This teaser is genius. It draws you in and makes you want more. Watch the teaser below and then goodness sake, see the movie. Masterpiece. Should be taught in film school. 

Bombshell (2019 Movie) Official Teaser — Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie

Now that you have watched this fabulous teaser watch the director’s breakdown of how he filmed and created this powerful, tense scene. BTW: This scene is in the movie and is just as powerful there. 

“Bombshell” Director Jay Roach Breaks Down the Elevator Scene | In the Frame

Look this movie is incredible. Review comes out tomorrow here. 🙂 For now, check out the amazing videos below about this film.



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