Another Voice: “Love Actually”

Love Actually movie poster

Love Actually

Being a resident of Bloomington, Indiana with many deep ties to Indiana University (#GoIU), I of course like to read the Indiana Daily Student (IDS) and get their Daily Rundown email. Today I was especially pleased to read an editorial about favorite Christmas movies, including Die Hard, that ended with this quote:

(I know, I know. “Love Actually” isn’t on this list, but it’s actually a horrible movie).

Wait, what?!?!? I clicked on the link – it is also below – and read the wonderful works of Christopher Orr. Oh well done sir! See, let me be honest with you, I loathe that movie. Have since I first saw it.

Mr. Orr and I agree: It is basically an immature look at love. Ok, yes, it is a romantic comedy – and those have inherent flaws – but the real flaw, the very sexist flaw, is that only young, skinny, and beautiful women are worthy of love. The men, well, doesn’t really matter their age or what they look like.

I don’t need that nonsense. I didn’t even when I was young. Now that I am older and have been happily married for over 20 years I realize that love takes communication and actually liking the person. No matter what they look like.

Read Mr. Orr’s article below under LINKS. He sums it up well.

Oh and my idea of romance? Captain America and Agent Peggy Carter. They got to know each other and actually talked. There are others but I will let that one be the one to make me smile today.

Captain America and Peggy Carter dance at end of Endgame.

Captain America and Peggy Carter dance at end of Endgame - close-up.

LION PAW PRINTS: 0 with a large *raspberry* on top.



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