Trailer Tuesday: “His Dark Materials, Season 2”

His Dark Materials, Season 2 poster

His Dark Materials, Season 2

Squee!!! Oh I’m so happy!

I really enjoyed His Dark Materials, Season 1. It felt true to the excellent The Golden Compass (aka Northern Lights in UK). I hoped there would be a sequel. You know, season 1 was so good I read the whole series all over again. Today, going through the web I found THE SEASON 2 TRAILER!! OMG SO COOL!

His Dark Materials: Season 2 | Official Trailer | HBO

Oooo I love how they have portrayed so many parts of the book. It rings true. I can’t wait to watch the full show and see how it all looks. There are times the characters do not look or move like I imagined them. However, everyone plays their parts perfectly in this series. Also, I love the daemons. They are beautiful.

My only concern is where is my fave character scientist Dr. Malone? I hope she is there and I just missed her.


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