Monday With Mildred + 241 Teaser: “Booksmart”

Booksmart movie poster


It is not often that I get enthusiastic texts from Mildred. Yes we do text, yes she sends WONDERFUL reviews that have kept this site and my soul going, but it is rare I get a super hyper OMG YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS LET’S DO A REVIEW TOGETHER text. I got one for Booksmart.

Now alas, I lost track of time this weekend and did not get the chance to view it. So I am at fault here when I say that this Monday With Mildred + 241 post is really a Teaser!!! I am going to post fun things about the movie Booksmart this week and next week, Monday, September 21, you can read the full thing!!!

I shall begin by saying that I didn’t really want to see this movie for many tropes that I will explain in my review next week. After watching the below videos, I am thinking I should have seen this one.

So hey everyone!! Go watch Booksmart (free on Hulu; purchase on other platforms) and share your review with us.

Enjoy the below links and vids. Oh and thank Mildred.



Booksmart Trailer #1 (2019) | Movieclips Trailers

Booksmart Featurette – Female Filmmaker (2019) | Movieclips Coming Soon

Olivia Wilde & the ‘Booksmart’ Cast Play “Name the Review” | Rotten Tomatoes

Kaitlyn Dever & Beanie Feldstein on Living Together While Shooting ‘Booksmart’ | SXSW Interview

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