Trailer Tuesday: “Wonder Woman 1984”

Wonder Woman 1984, second poster

Wonder Woman 1984

Hello! This will be the first of a three week arc to salute DC (and I’m guessing DCEU) movies coming out in the next few years. OMG so fun! First I would like to thank Fandango for sending emails to wet my appetite for more movies. (Ok, I will always be hungry for more movies, but thanks anyway Fandango.) This big email I got was a movie news roundup from a recent DC FanDome event. In my email I saw information on and trailers for Wonder Woman 84, Suicide Squad, and Batman. I shall start in order and here comes Wonder Woman 84.

I of course adored the first Wonder Woman movie and can’t say enough about it. I was hoping for a sequel and figured we would get one since the movie did so well at the box office. I was delighted when I heard the sequel would happen and also very glad that the team that brought us the first Wonder Woman would also bring us the second one.

This is the second trailer – you can see it below. I’m glad Steve is back. I can’t wait to see Kristin Wiig as a DC villain. WHUH?!?!?! That I really want to see! I’m a fan and I hope this will be like Heath Ledger playing Joker. No one expected him to be good, much less amazing.

Now I’ll be honest with you, I’m not a fan of the ’80s. I know, I know! But I lived through them and didn’t really like them when I did. I really liked the ’90s, BTW. So the colors of the movie look like the 80s to me and I think yuck. So that is a bit of a turn off to the movie, but hey, it certainly does look like the ’80s.

Note: This is a movie I will actually go to a theater for. I am preparing a pandemic outfit and sanitizers. I will be there for this movie. I like to put my money where my movies are.

WONDER WOMAN 1984 Trailer 2 (2020)


NOTE: I really have COVID-19 for many reasons. Right now I hate it that it is ruining movie openings. Yes they are making money releasing online. Good. But wow. I really wanted a big exciting opening for Wonder Woman 84. I am sorry she may not get it.

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