TV Review: “Celebrity IOU”

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Celebrity IOU


Hubby is very good at finding shows. He saw this and I said sure. Mostly because the trailer for it had Melissa McCarthy and then other actors that I adore. I’ve so glad we TiVo’d this show. so much fun. So good. So enjoyable.

The Property Brothers, Drew and Johnathon Scott, annoy me because I don’t like the way they treat clients on their show. I don’t like how I worry the client will be strapped for funds. However in Celebrity IOU, money isn’t discussed probably because the celebrities have the money for the renovations. This makes it fun for me.

The show is fun, happy, and I love seeing the joy on the faces of those who got the make over. They did not know it was going to happen. The celebrities chose people who were kind and good to them and helped them. The receivers of the home makeover don’t know the makeover is happening so when they see the transformation they are overjoyed. It is good.

Watch and smile.

POINTS: The surprised people are so sweet and genuine when they see their new beautiful spaces. Also it is fun to see the celebrities work and share how much they love the people they are helping. The why is always fun.

PITFALLS: Uh, Property Brothers, please stop working and go stand in front of the camera to tell the audience every two minutes how you are strapped for time and have to get this done. We know.

HIGH POINT(S): It is fun to watch homes and spaces being transformed. I mean no wonder HGTV is so popular! It is beauty for the eyes. And the joyous surprised home owners make you smile.

BECHDEL TEST (Website): Depends.

RACIAL BECHDEL TEST (Website): Depends.

IMDB: Celebrity IOU (2020- ).




Celebrity IOU

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