A View From Italy: “Geena Davis”

Geena Davis in red dress.

Geena Davis

Geena Davis, when a beautiful and smart woman goes to kick butt!

I read that Geena Davis isn’t just an American ex-model and actress, but is also a member of MENSA, the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world. She is also an accomplished archer, nearly qualifying for the 1996 Olympics.

So looks like Geena wasn’t only lucky to be born with a lot of beauty, but she even has a brain which works very well.

The Long Kiss Goodnight movie poster

You can think this is a great amount of quality on a single person, but after you watch THE LONG KISS OF GOODNIGHT (in Europe this movie is know as SPY), you will think to Geena Davies like a superhuman, because she knows very well how to be an action hero, a character in the middle between a Nikita and a Jason Bourne… with less drama and more houmor sense.

The amnesiac mother of family and teacher of a quite american place hides a wanderful strong personality of a sexy and fun spy woman who know how to fight for discover her forgotten past.

She fights both mentally and physically, since our lovely MENSA member Geena shows amazing skills in martial arts and gunshot, with the help of a always brilliant Samuel L.Jackson who is a great co-star in this movie. Her ability into mutation (sexy blonde assassin, so different from a old school mother of family) looks like a picture of the evolution of female characters into action movies (and maybe into real world??), which leads to the strong women of 21st century.

The movie will never be considered a masterpiece, but give us a way to consider Geena, one of the biggest icons of ‘strong women’ in the cinema, adding the role of Charly (her CIA codename) to her Thelma revolutionary character from 1991 revolutionary Ridley Scott movie.


Long Kiss Goodnight Trailer

*Robin Hood anyone? – CFR

4 responses to “A View From Italy: “Geena Davis”

  1. Geena Davis is a icon I’ve been watching her since I was little I love her I love her acting she’s so beautiful in the long kiss good night that is the bomb I love it that is a classic classic I love her beautiful and she’s a great actor

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