Trailers, Teasers, Previews: “Stumptown”

Poster of Stumptown TV show


OMG. Ok, I saw the trailer for the upcoming show Stumptown. OH IT IS SO GOOD! Hubby and I are so gonna watch it. So I went to watch it again on YouTube (embedded below) and read the below description show description:

“Based on the “Stumptown” graphic novel series, follows Dex Parios (Cobie Smulders) as a strong, assertive, and sharp-witted army veteran with a complicated love life, gambling debt, and a brother to take care of in Portland, Oregon. Her military intelligence skills make her a great P.I., but her unapologetic style puts her in the firing line of hardcore criminals and not quite in alliance with the police. Coming to ABC.” – From the Trailer on YouTube – See below.

Oh come ON! People!!! Are you kidding me? This show is REALLY about Maria Hill taking a break, running with a new identity, and having a bit of fun from all that SHIELD/Avengers stuff.*

Cobie Smulders as Dex from Stumptown.

This is really Maria Hill out of SHIELD uniform. Trust me.

Just watch the trailer below and see what I mean.

Now to go read the graphic novel.** Which, OMG, is also written by one of my favorite writers, Greg Rucka.

Can’t wait to watch, Stumptown.***

Oh and WOW! Stumptown is also COFFEE! I LOVE coffee!!!!!

Stumptown Coffee Roasters label

Stumptown | Official NEW Trailer | ABC



*My name is CFR, and I’m a Marvel Cinematic Universe Fanatic.

**See??! This is also still about Maria Hill, I mean come ON!!

***aka The Other Adventures of Maria Hill

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