TV Review: “Bosch”

Bosch TV show in Amazon Prime poster


OVERALL: Excellent show. My hubby’s friends were right. It is very good and I am glad I watched it. Watch it yourself and enjoy. Plenty of drama and mystery to keep anyone interested.

POINTS: Excellent actors. Yes there is crime drama and action, but for me the real gift of Bosch is the fantastic acting. I also really like that the actors/characters have a huge age range. I’m tired of seeing only young people, although yes we do see some in the show. I like seeing older people as representation matters. I’m older. It is nice to see. To be honest with you though, I’ve always like seeing older people in movies. We spend more time in our lives being old than being young. 

PITFALLS: Hmmm…. Can’t think of any right now.

FEMALE CHARACTER(S): Wow and yes. I am so happy that there is a wide variety of women. As in they are in the show not as a “oo look a woman” but they are in the Bosch world just like they are in the world. Very fond of Bosch’s lieutenant Grace Billets played by Amy Aquino. I Excellent character; well portrayed.

CULTURAL PITFALL(S): There are times I wonder if the show is going to be harsh against people who talk about being harassed at work. (It’s a real issue, I’ve had lots of discussions, and no, not me, thank goodness.) But this has not happened. In fact, just the opposite. I’m very impressed. People are expected to behave like adults and I like it. 


  1. Variety. Again I like the age range of the characters/actors. Especially the actresses. Excellent! 

  2. Dog. Bosch rescues a dog. OMG. This fills my heart with such love. 

  3. Bosch’s Mother. Bosch’s mother was a sex worker, aka prostitute. What is wonderful about this show is that his mother was a loving mother who was a wonderful mother to him. He loved her and is not at all ashamed she was a sex worker. Well DONE! Show takes a tired old trope of sex worker mother being a terrible person and turns it on its head. If anything her loving kindness made Bosch the good person and good parent that he is. 

  4. Parent. Bosch is a good parent. A very loving father. He becomes a more present father in his daughter’s life as the show goes on and that is enjoyable to watch. 

BECHDEL TEST (Website): 2 of 3 depending on the episode. 

RACIAL BECHDEL TEST (Website): 2 of 3 depending on the episode. 

IMDB: Bosch (TV Series)

OFFICIAL MOVIE WEBSITE:  Bosch on Amazon Prime Video




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