TV Review: “Temptation Island”

Temptation Island tv show poster

Temptation Island

Ok, this is not my usual review. I mean, Temptation Island? CFR, you’re reviewing a piece of “contrived reality” TV cr*p? But Hubby has a gift for finding shows and a fascination with the worst in human behavior. It makes him laugh. And I do love his laugh. So watching this piece of dreck is worth it just hear him laugh at the stupidity of shallow people.

Basic review is obvious from above paragraph: This show is dreck, rubbish, garbage, rubbish, etc. This show pretends to help couples examine their relationships. However the couples are fashion model pretty surrounded by other fashion model pretty people in a contrived environment that gives them freedom to test their relationship. In other words, will they or won’t they cheat? Oh good grief. Of course they are going to cheat! They are probably chosen because they are likely to cheat on each other. They say the right things but oh good grief, what a bunch of shallow people. I pity their therapists. In short, you can’t believe anything either person in the heterosexual couple say. Oh yeah, they are all straight. If you want to see stupid shallow straight people fake relationship remorse, watch this show. Oh and watch it with my hubby cause his laughter is infectious.


As I watched this show I was made aware of how contrived this show was using our cultural “norms.” So while watching this show I looked at Hubby and said “What if they had a boring old people couple on the show? Like us.” We laughed. We’ve been married 22 years and do not cheat. Basically because that would gross, and we really love each other.* We would basically be happy to see each other after being separated and would have spent the time apart with the other “tempting” people having good conversations and missing the other. Boring TV? Well it would be funny for me.


What if the show brought a poly couple on? People who have relationships with multiple people? Now there are many variations of poly relationships, but the ones I have seen are solid and strong. The poly couple that I would imagine would come to the island, agree upon how their relationship would work with themselves and others before they got to the island, and then enjoy themselves. When they met up again they would be happy to see each other and share their experiences. However like the couple previously mentioned, there would be no drama.


The world isn’t make of cis hetero normative people so that diversity is seriously lacking in this show.

In short, watch this show ONLY if you want to laugh at shallow people. Otherwise, run the other way.


No video preview. Why would I do that to you, dear readers?


*(Yeah, true love does happen – it’s just old married people enjoying watching TV together. For me at least.)

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