Movie Review: “Corbin Nash”

Corbin Nash movie poster

Corbin Nash

OVERALL: O.M.G. This. Was. So. Bad. (Huge *raspberry*)

POINTS: I lost time in my life. DON’T WATCH IT! Save yourself!

PITFALLS: All of it.


CULTURAL PITFALL(S): Corey Feldman’s character was a nasty stereotype of trans people. Yes I will own that as my filter. It made me very very angry. Now was his performance pretty amazing? Sure. Just entirely unpalatable. Like black face.

HIGH POINT(S): It ended. (And Corey Feldman’s over the top portrayal of an insane trans character was pretty amazing in how he cut loose. And totally inappropriate. Like black face.)

BECHDEL TEST (Website): I don’t know.

RACIAL BECHDEL TEST (Website): I don’t know.

IMDB: Corbin Nash (2018)

OFFICIAL MOVIE WEBSITE:  Why bother – I didn’t even look for it.


LION PAW PRINTS:  -25 (This was actually worse to watch than The Room because it did not make me laugh.)

For horror movies only: HUBBY’S HORROR RATING. Hubby liked it. Then again, he pretty much likes everything. I love him. 🙂

Preview from Youtube – Wait?!?! Why would I do that to you?

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