Movie Review: “The Room”

The Room movie poster

The Room

INTRODUCTION: You know you love your friends when they tell you they want to take you to the worst movie ever made and you agree. Cause you love them and you want to celebrate their birthday in the way they want. Yup, young one  loves this movie because it makes her laugh. It makes her mother and her best friend laugh too. So I bought the tickets for the theater in my home town and they came over and we went.

I really love them.

I thought when the movie started that I would be angry because I lost 2 hours of my life. I planned on how I would remind them of this. I would remind them that they owed me for my lost time.

After watching the worst movie ever made I must say this: There is nothing to forgive because the pain of watching this movie was so great I had to laugh. I’m still laughing.

Here’s to good friends.

OVERALL: Why? Oh God/Dess Why? *headdesk* I feel the best way to describe this movie is: I laughed through the pain of watching it.

POINTS: It was so bad is transcended from the pits of movie Hell to stand by the backdoor of Heaven where trash would be tossed out if there was trash in Heaven to toss. So. Bad.

PITFALLS: Read everything else cause it was all pitfall. Lousy dialogue, no character development, what plot, same darn outside shot all the time, WHY CAN’T ANYONE IN THIS MOVIE THROW A FOOTBALL?

The sex scenes were so bad, SO BAD, that you wanted them to end!!! And there were at least three of them. And they were too long! And one used the same shots as before but backward. BACKWARD!!! WTF??!?!?! How did that happen? Why?

FEMALE CHARACTER(S): So stereotypical. The men are stereotypical too. It’s all just pathetic. At least the female friend had some decent lines. OMG. I just wrote that. I am laughing now.

CULTURAL PITFALL(S): Yeah, issues. Everyone was white, the women and men had idiotically stereotypical relationships with each other. Movie often bordered on misogyny and why was Best Friend not hounded by friends the way Lisa (aka fiance) was? Then again this is the Worst Movie Ever Made so there.  Also: That is NOT how you throw a football.

HIGH POINT(S): I was with friends. Well they were friends……. Also I did laugh so hard a few times I cried. Plus the audience was fun. To be fair, I’m still laughing about it. Maybe it is because I am laughing through the pain. It was so bad.

At one point, there was a scene where characters are throwing a football while wearing tuxedos. I shouted out “Why did I just watch that scene? What was that about?” Then I lost control and laughed hysterically for a few minutes. My friends laughed too cause my laughter was uncontrollable at this point. Laugh through the pain, people, laugh through the pain.

Oh and thank goodness I have long hair because I used it to cover my eyes during the really bad sex scenes. Maybe I should have covered my eyes for the entire movie…

BECHDEL TEST (Website): 3 of 3. Cool. Several times women talked to women. Now yes they often did talk about the main male protagonist Johnny, but they would also talk about other things.

RACIAL BECHDEL TEST (Website): 0 of 3.

IMDB: The Room (2003)

OFFICIAL MOVIE WEBSITE: The Room – Official Movie Site – LOLOLOLOL!!! The Website is as bad as the movie!!!!!!


LION PAW PRINTS:  -5. I mean the worst movie ever made should be rated in the negatives. 😉

The Room (2003) – Trailer – CFR: I’m so sorry.

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