TV Review: “American Horror Story: Murder House”

American Horror Story: Murder House poster

American Horror Story: Murder House


I was looking forward to watching this as everyone has said this series was terrifying. So I sat myself down and prepared for terror!

Oh good grief.

I thought it was stupid. The characters were stupid, their actions made no logical sense, unless you thought of them as idiots. Plus I’m really done with the “hero” always being seduced. Although points for that stopping towards the end and the hero actually developing a brain. So yay, one positive note!  Still oversexed characters are annoying. Stupid characters are annoying. Nonsensical action is annoying.

I was annoyed.

Oh and serial killers aren’t scary: They are stupid, annoying, and good for target practice not conversations.

If you liked this season great, enjoy watching it again on Netflix. I just couldn’t be scared ’cause I wanted to slap them so much.

Just me.


American Horror Story (Season 01: Murder House) – Trailer

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