TV Reviews: “Bright”

Bright on Netflix official poster

OVERALL: Hubby and I made sure to watch it the day it was released. We do enjoy our Netflix on a Friday night. đŸ™‚ We enjoyed this movie very much. Got a huge kick out of the quality and effects and plot.

POINTS: Loved the fantasy elements thrown into the “real” world. Too much fun. Plus there was some good acting and that is always a pleasure to watch. I was hoping this would be a mini-series and tehre is plenty of information to share so more please.

PITFALLS: Ok, the best way for me to describe this is that there were two or three movies going on here. AND with the different movies there were also different qualities in filming and pacing. Kinda cool, but also jarring. I can see where this lead to confusion about the show and people not liking it. Was it a hard hitting look at prejudice or was it a fantasy show? Note: You can do both.

Also there were times when character motivation seemed weak or odd. That can really throw a movie.

Also needed more exposition.

FEMALE CHARACTER(S): Well we have quite a few female characters. What is odd for me is that as I wrote this I thought there weren’t many and then I looked into IMDB and there were quite a few. Even Margaret Cho appears as Sergeant Ting and that is so cool! Main characters are Noomi Rapace as Leilah (wow she so looks like an elf) and Lucy Fry as Tikka. The show didn’t really delve into these characters in depth. They were more there. However I think the show was really focusing on the two main male characters so ok.

CULTURAL PITFALL(S): This show is about looking at prejudice using the guise of fantasy characters. In short, it is true science fiction/fantasy as it requires the viewer to look at themselves/their culture. So I really enjoyed the show’s heads on attacking of racial prejudice. Next time add more women.


#.) Will Smith. I could watch him all day. Star power, personality, sense of humor, good looking – he’s got it all. He can so carry a movie/show and I always look forward to watching him.

#.) Joel Edgerton. I would never have known that was him under that make-up and his body language. I am used to seeing him as taking up space and being powerful. He was not that here and it was perfect. Well done.

#.) Fun Read: ‘Bright’ Stars Will Smith and Joel Edgerton Aren’t Your Mother’s Buddy Cops‘ LOVE the title!!!

BECHDEL TEST (Website): 1 of 3. Room for improvement.

RACIAL BECHDEL TEST (Website): 2 of 3.

IMDB: Bright (2017)




Bright | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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