Happy Halloween 2017!

Halloween banner

Happy Halloween 2017!

I freely admit it: I LOVE Halloween! So does Mildred and Tammy. Our office suite is decked out in Halloween goodness and that is as it should be. I will get up an hour early on Halloween to do make-up and costume before coming to work. I will also pass out chocolate to my students and colleagues alike. I LOVE HALLOWEEN!

Thanks to my colleague JR, I was reminded of the wonderful Key and Peele skit about zombies. He, along with Mildred, is a zombie scholar, so I told him about this skit. He had never seen it. In case you haven’t seen it, I shall embed it for you. Enjoy!

Key & Peele – White Zombies

Ya’ know, this makes me feel less harsh about the big z apocalypse.

Halloween graphic with trick or treatersHalloween rainbow pumpkinsHappy Halloween pumpkins

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