Movie Review: “Logan Lucky”

Logan Lucky movie poser

Logan Lucky

OVERALL: *Giggle* Giggle* Giggle* LOL! CHEER! Hubby and I truly enjoyed this movie. So good.

POINTS: Logan Lucky works both as a comedy and a heist movie. It has a beautiful moral center (yes it does). And I like seeing movie about people who live near my home of Indiana. Clever characters, plenty of plot twists, and more laughs than imaginable. Loved it.

PITFALLS: The DVD hasn’t been released yet.

FEMALE CHARACTER(S): I truly LOVED Riley Keough as best sister ever Mellie Logan.  I LOVED that the sister knew everything about cars, about driving, and the men in the movie knew and relied upon it. Huzzah!!!!! I also enjoyed seeing Katie Holmes and Hilary Swank pull out all the stops on their characters. Though the women were in mostly supporting roles, they were fun characters and well acted. Huzzah! 

My only problem was the precocious daughter played by Farrah Mackenzie. Oh she was a charming and lovely child, but since she talked and acted like a mini-adult, it was easy to parent/like her. I worry about that characters social development. IMHO. 

CULTURAL PITFALL(S): Hmm… For me this was a look at a specific group of people in a specific place. I loved it. Did it show everyone’s plight and perspective? No. Still a good movie. AND I really liked that the good old rednecks in this movie were the heroes and villains and just all around people. LOVED it!


1.) Daniel Craig. Seeing this talented English actor beautifully portray a man from West Virginia – Mr. Joe Bang – was wonderful!!! Hubby and I wanted to see the movie just for him. We were not disappointed.

Possible SPOILERS!

River Song says "Spoilers."

2.) Joe Bang explaining chemistry. Oh. Em. Gee. OMG!!! Here is Joe Bang – a convict explaining how to make bombs with simple household ingredients with chalk on cement blocks in the middle of a heist WAS TOO EFFING FUNNY!! I LOVED IT! That was a top scene in the movie!!!

3.) Game of Thrones discussion in prison. Ok, I’ll be honest with you, I almost stood up and CHEERED!! I did applaud. The inmates arguing with the warden who is reading Wikipedia about the book release dates. Oh George R.R. Martin, I hope that didn’t sting too much  Best scene in a movie referencing a TV show.

4.) Mellie Logan’s revenge.  Oh yeah. Mellie Logan had to deal with being his on my brothers ex-wife’s new husband. He sold cars and kept acting like he knew more about cars than Mellie (wrong) and used cars as sexual innuendos. Mellie was always classy in ignoring/brushing him off. Then she got her revenge. It was so sweet because well, was there really anything done wrong? Go Mellie go!


BECHDEL TEST (Website): 1 of 3. The women were cool but never talked to each other.

RACIAL BECHDEL TEST (Website): 0 of 3. Drat. Room for improvement though we did see PoC in the crowds.

IMDB: Logan Lucky (2017)




LOGAN LUCKY | Official HD Trailer

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