Gen Con: Happy 50th Birthday

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Gen Con 2017 – Celebrating 50 Years of the Best Four Days in Gaming

Happy Birthday Gen Con! It was 50 years ago that Gary Gygax gathered his friends together to game for  at his home by Lake Geneva. It grew from there to more people to more kinds of games to more people to new locations to now 50 years later, taking up residence in Indianapolis, Indiana. Every year it has gotten bigger and better. Last year Gen Con branched into parts of Lucas Oil Stadium. This year it looks like we will take over the whole event floor.

My troupe, Different Drummer Belly Dancers (DDBD), has been dancing at Gen Con in Indy since 2004. We have loved every precious moment of each Gen Con and happily plan our dances a year in advance because we enjoy them so much. We are part of the Gen Con Entertainer team and even dedicate a page on our Website for this event. To say that we love dancing at Gen Con is an extreme understatement. We LOVE everything about Gen Con. It is truly the best four days in gaming and we are honored to be a part of it.

When this post is finally released to the world, know that I will be sucking back caffeine, applying make-up, putting on costumes and getting ready to teach a belly dance class. Then DANCING!!!

Last year we celebrated Star Wars among other great fandoms. You can watch our sets below.

Gen Con Indy 2016

If you want to go to a multi-fandom Disney World, come to Gen Con. We will be dancing. Which is why there is no review post today. 🙂

Dragon laying on gold - celebrating 50 years of Gen Con



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