TV Review: “Midsomer Murders”

Midsomer Murders - Truth

Midsomer Murders

Hubby and I decided to give Midsomer Murders on Netflix a try. We do like British TV and mysteries. After going down the Midsomer rabbit hole and watching all 19 seasons that are currently on Netflix in a row, we have decided that we are fans and will probably watch the whole thing again.  Give the show a try. It is quite enjoyable.

However, as you can see by the testimony of the graphic above, Midsomer is the deadliest county in England! So Hubby and  I have created a survival guide. Please follow if you value your life and ever find yourself in Midsomer.*

  1. Stay Away from the Hedges. Killers lurk in them.
  2. Never ride with Troy. OMG and good lord the man cannot drive! Why does anyone let him drive?!?!
  3. Avoid Festivals. Every festival on the show involves a murder.
  4. Go to Festivals After The Murder. Hubby and I have a theory that murders only happen once on the show. Thus if you go to a festival the year AFTER a murder, you should be safe. (Still avoid the hedges.)
  5. Avoid People in Hoodies. A hoodie is the traditional dress of murderers in Midsomer. Note: The hoodie wearing murder usually lurks in hedges. Another reason to avoid Midsomer hedges.
  6. No One Is Happily Married But The Leads. In this series you will see two sets of Barnabys. Both sets are very happily married. This is unlike everyone else in Midsomer. No couple other than the leads like, much less love, each other. So don’t get married in Midsomer and if you do, well don’t stay.
  7. All Murders Come In Twos, Or Threes, Or Four, Or More. Oh one murder is not enough for Midsomer!! There are at least two per episode and that is a small number! It’s exciting because you never know who is going to die next. It also keeps viewers on their toes because it interrupts the process of identifying the murderer.
  8. All Pubs Are In Financial Trouble. Every pub in Midsomer is in financial trouble. Which is really sad because they are very charming and Hubby and I want to visit them all. So don’t own or even think about opening a pub in Midsomer ’cause it will go belly-up and will probably be involved with a murder. Or two, or three, or four…
  9. All Noble Estates Are In Financial Trouble. Yup. The nobility have no money in Midsomer and their estates are all on the brink of falling apart and financial ruin. So if you want to buy a mansion and land there are good deals in Midsomer. Just avoid the hedges.

Oh and for us dog lovers, both Sykes and Paddy are GREAT dogs!! Hubby and I would be willing to watch several shows from their doggie points of view.**

So go ahead and give Midsomer Murders a try. It is hypnotic and beautiful and fun.

Midsomer Murders show poster


Midsomer Murders portrait of Sykes

Sykes at Barnaby’s desk – waiting for diamond. 😉

Promo (Midsomer Murders: Series 17)Link opens in new window.


*Ok, if you do find yourself in Midsomer GET OUT! Also enjoy the view.

**Of note, today’s is our dog’s birthday. Happy Birthday to Daisy! We won’t be taking you to Midsomer ’cause we want to live and spend many, many years with you!

One response to “TV Review: “Midsomer Murders”

  1. I like your observations…funny and true. The main reason I didn’t finish watching all seasons was the huge variation in tone. Some were more Agatha Christie-esque, others far more gruesome. I had to give up because I couldn’t predict what type of story I’d be watching. Otherwise, I agree with your recommendation.

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