Trailers Teasers Previews: “Black Panther”

Black Panther teaser poster

Black Panther – Teaser Trailer

First, let me begin  by saying oh Hells yes I was stoked to see the Black Panther teaser trailer. I mean, Black Panther!!! I’ve been excited about this character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) because YES to representation and just the all around story coolness.

Now there are many wonderful reaction videos of people watching the fabulous Black Panther teaser trailer. They are lovely and a few are given below. Now I shall add my reaction to the teaser trailer!! I’m writing this specifically ‘cause see, when I first saw this teaser trailer I thought “What the heck? Why are there white guys opening this?” Well, maybe, at least for myself, I have an answer.

The trailer begins: 

(Blue lights flash.)

Blue lights from Black Panther teaser trailer

(Shackled feet to a chair.)           

Shackled feet from Black Panther teaser trailer

Ulysses Klaue / Klaw:

Tell me something. What do you know of Wakanda?

Klau and Ross talking from Black Panther teaser trailer

Everett K. Ross:

It’s a third world country. Textiles, shepherds, cool outfits.

Ross alone from Black Panther teaser trailer

Ulysses Klaue / Klaw:

All a front.

And right there ladies and gentlemen is when the nasty racist paradigm gets kicked in the butt! We are given racist images and words and they are turned on their heads. What we then see in the rest of this glorious teaser trailer is strong African images mixed with very modern and powerful technology. The pulse and power of Killer Mike’s “Legend Has It” with the lyrics “Step into the spotlight” sounding out. You thought everything in Africa was hunter-gatherer? WRONG! This is Wakanda, baby! Riches, technology, and ooo a hint of magic. This is above first world! This is where our hero lives and thrives and rules. This is in Africa so please check your stereotypes at the door.

Oh yeah.

Then we see many wonderful powerful characters – including kick butt women – and we know, we know, this movie is going to hand us visuals and story that we have not seen before.


Granted, I have no idea what the talented director Ryan Coogler had in mind for his teaser trailer. He might even think that what I just wrote is the biggest bunch of malarkey ever.. That’s cool. I’m fine with being wrong. I’m still very happy.

I can’t wait for February 2018.

Thanks Marvel.

Black Panther Teaser Trailer [HD]

A Fun Collection of Reaction Videos: 

Below are some of my favorite reaction videos. However there is also this link: Black Panther Teaser Trailer Reactions Videos Galore and you should so check out more ’cause it is fun!

Black Panther Teaser Trailer REACTION!  – From Married2TheReal

Black Panther Teaser Trailer Emotional Crying Reaction Must Watch – From The Media Table

Black Panther Teaser Reaction/Review – From 2NYOGO!

BLACK PANTHER TRAILER – KEVIN SMITH’S REACTION  – From Kevin Smith CFR: I kinda had to add him. 🙂

Additional Videos: 

Run The Jewels – Legend Has It (Official Music Video From RTJ3 & Black Panther) – CFR: You can hear the entire song from the tt here.

BLACK PANTHER Trailer In-Depth Breakdown (Easter Eggs & Predictions) – CFR: OMG so much information!!

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