CFR: In Addition: “Hottest Movie Ever…”

50 Shades of Grey movie poster

50 Shades of Grey

Oh yeah, this movie is HOT! I mean the chemistry between the actors is amazing. Plus the dialogue is riveting which only lends itself to being even hotter when the characters get together. Wow.



Bwahahahahahahahahahahahha!! April Fools!!!!!!!

I mean seriously people no effing way! *raspberry* on sexist claptrap posing at erotica.

Also if you enjoy S&M you know what a travesty this book is as it does not portray S&M accurately. S&M is all about boundaries and permission. NOT listening to someone say no is WRONG in both S&M and the everyday world of sex. And life.

Oh and Mildred suggested this April Fools post on April 6, 2016. So really this is from both of us. 🙂


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