Movie Review: “Suicide Squad”

Suicide Squad movie poster

INTRODUCTION: This movie is part of the movie viewing extravaganza my beloved hubby and I enjoy over the long weekend that Labor Day gives us. Hence the tag Labor Day Weekend 2016. Suicide Squad was the second movie we saw.

OVERALL: Wild colors in a not so wild ride. It was good not great. I think that like other DC movies people want it to be as awesome as Marvel movies and well, it isn’t.

POINTS: The casting. OMG they had the perfect cast. Too bad they didn’t let the cast RUN with it!

PITFALLS: Hmm… let me see if I can say this: This movie was lacking soul. It’s not that it didn’t have any character or flair, but, well, a good movie has soul. You feel it. This movie was half way there.

FEMALE CHARACTER(S): Well who hasn’t heard about Margot Robbie totally stealing scenes with her spot on Harley Quinn! And it was PERFECT! I think she should have her own movie.

Cara Delevingne as June Moon/Enchantress. She had what I would call a big “victim” role so I am not too surprised she got to shine as June. However she was fab as Enchantress. So much so, I started rooting for Enchantress!

There there is Viola Davis as Amanda Walker. Oh let’s say it again!! Viola David as Amanda Walker. O.M.G. The woman deserves an Academy Award for totally making this movie. She was a believable villain – both menacing and multidimensional – and she just ROCKED!! My guess is Ms. Davis was having a GREAT time play Amanda Walker cause she ROCKED this roll!

CULTURAL PITFALL(S): There are lots of discussions about how abusive Joker is to Harley Quinn. I can so understand that by just this movie. I was very disappointed with the portrayal of their relationship here. I’ve always thought they were equally psycho and LOVED that about each other! That is how I first saw and understood their relationship. Yeah, this could be changed for the sequel.


1.) Viola Davis. Give this woman her own movie.

2.) Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. Give this woman her own movie. Maybe she can battle Viola Davis as Amanda Walker…

3.) Will Smith as Deadshot. Give him his own movie and OMG – more scenes with him and Viola Davis!! Mr. Smith as Deadshot was the only one who go toe-to-toe with Mr. Walker. 🙂

4.) The Cast. Oh my just put them all together again and make part 2.

BECHDEL TEST (Website): I’ll give my take on the Bechdel Test. I’ll also link to the Bechdel Test Website as it is a great tool for looking at movies.

RACIAL BECHDEL TEST (Website): 3 of 3- yes! Now granted during one of the scenes the actors were under a lot of character make-up but oh heck – cool! Plus Viola Davis and Will Smith on the same screen!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG – RULE! I gotta give LOTS of props to that.

IMDB: Suicide Squad (2016)

OFFICIAL MOVIE WEBSITE:  Suicide Squad – Official Movie Website  |  Suicide Squad on Instagram  |   Suicide Squad on Facebook  |  Suicide Squad on Twitter



SCOTT SAYS: This is a must see movie.

SUICIDE SQUAD – Official Comic-Con Trailer (2016) DC Comics Superhero Movie HD

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