Web Series: “Vegan Black Metal Chef”

Vegan Black Metal Chef logo

Vegan Black Metal Chef

OMG and ROFLOL. Also *drool*.

I don’t remember how I found the Vegan Black Metal Chef (VBMC) but when I did, I couldn’t stop watching. VBMC makes beautiful, easy to cook vegan food on his altar while singing out the recipe toin his own metal tune. So. Much. Fun. Plus he very committed to veganism – Why Vegan? – and I find his gentleness and good spirit wonderful. I love it when I find something that in my mind is a contradiction. I don’t associate black metal music with kindness and veganism. I like that VBMC shows me a new way of thinking. Plus if you are not sure you want to hear the music, you can turn your volume off and just read the subtitles. I do both, BTW.

Below is my favorite vid because he says “Don’t judge me” in it and that always makes me laugh even harder.

Vegan Black Metal Chef Episode 5 – Smoothie Alchemy

Wanna laugh AND find delicious easy to cook food? Watch the Vegan Black Metal Chef.

Only complaint: I tend to drool on the keyboard as VBMC cooks such glorious meals. And because I am laughing well, it can be a mess. In short, keep your mouth closed when watching. 🙂



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