TV Reivew: “Property Brothers”

HGTV Property Brothers image

Property Brothers

INTRODUCTION: Ok, let me begin by saying this is not a usual review as well, it is a lot shorter. Also know this: I only watch this show when Hubby and I are getting our monthly pedicures. The shop that we go to has HGTV on and usually it is showing Property Brothers, closed captions on. Therefore know that is not something I would normally watch.


I would never buy a fixer upper as I have very bad allergies and dust and paint and cut wood send me to the hospital. Also I have friends who have bought fixer uppers and/or built their own homes and I think “No way” every time they talk about all of the hidden costs they didn’t know about slamming them in the face. So you could say I can’t review this show properly. I will accept that.

OVERALL: This show makes my blood pressure go up as couples, usually young ones, have the brothers help them find a house and then fix it up. Awesome! Except the couple have to stick to their budget – the Property Brothers do not help them out as far as I can see with cost – and, you guessed it, fixing the house tends to drive the cost up. I often find myself thinking that the couple really should have my house inspector who told us EVERYTHING our house needed so we were never once surprised by the state of our home. I keep wondering why they don’t do that in Property Brothers….

Plus I live in Indiana so when someone puts down over $500,000 down on a house that looks like mine, I think “No way.”

I’m not sure what the advantage to being on this show is other than being on a show. I hope the couples get something out of it. Then again, I wonder this about a lot of property shows.

WILL THEY STAY MARRIED?: Ok this is a question I wonder about constantly on this show. I see new couples trying to find the perfect house. What these couples need is therapy.  You aren’t happy about your future hubby having a home brewery in the basement? Probably should reconsider marriage/living together. Can’t agree on how to decorate? Maybe pick rooms you each get to have. Needing to have your way all the time? Therapy. Seriously I look at these couples and I think “Well that’s gonna have problems in a few years. Or months.”

FINAL: If you love/like this show GREAT! Enjoy! It is fun to watch the houses transform – that I like. I just worry the whole time. 🙂

LION PAW PRINTS: 2 of 5. In short, I’m glad I like my house.


My Dream Home – Season 2, Episode 24 – Sophie & Preston

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