Movie Review: “Deadpool”

Deadpool movie poster for Valentine's Day release.

Deadpool movie poster for Valentine’s Day weekend release. Perfect.


WARNING!: Due to the nature of Deadpool, the language in this post may be a bit salty/raunchy/foul aka, just as Deadpool would want it. You have been warned.

OVERALL: Perfect. This is a perfect comic book character movie. Especially if you like foul-mouthed, trashing talking, yet has heart of gold anti-heroes. (In fact, my Hubby says I’m just like Deadpool. Awwww!)

POINTS: If you want to laugh, enjoy some crazy characters, and revel in some good old comic book action, Deadpool is so for you. Note however that yes it is raunchy and foul-mouthed, but THIS IS DEADPOOL PEOPLE! Deadpool IS raunchy and foul-mouthed. If they had sanitized the character the movie would have sucked (sorry) and would have tanked at the box office. This is exactly as it should be.

Oh and Tim Miller, aka director of Deadpool, I salute you. This movie has the look and feel of being made by a well seasoned team. Yet IMDB says this is your first movie. HUZZAH!

BIGGEST POINT OF ALL: All hail Ryan Reynolds! He has wanted to play this role for 10 years. He loves this character and it shows. He is PERFECT! I mean the PERFECT Deadpool. Revel in his love and delivery of the character as it is a beautiful, perfect performance.

PITFALLS: Hmmmm….. I’ll let ya’ know.

FEMALE CHARACTER(S): Well I would never have guessed that Morena Baccarin could be so raunchy!?!? Go Morena! As Deadpool’s soulmate Vanessa, she is just as raunchy, hard core, and funny as Deadpool. She is a perfect match for him and their love story is totally believable.

We also have a wonderful line-up of supporting actresses: Gina Carano as Angel Dust, Brianna Hildebrand as Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and Leslie Uggams as Al just make this movie even more fun. In short, the sisters get to have fun too.

And ya’ know what is extra fun for me? Well I was worried that such a raunchy movie would be derogatory to women. I am happy to say Nope. In fact we begin this movie with a lesson on how NOT to treat women. Well just COOL! Like I said before, the sisters get to have fun too.

CULTURAL PITFALL(S): Hmm….I’ll have to think about this.


1.) The opening credits. You knew the minute the credits started that you were in for a real treat. Huzzah!

2.) My Favorite LOL Moment: “Look away, little girl, look away!” You’ll know it when you hear it. 🙂

3.) Leslie Uggams as Al. OMG!!! Deadpool’s roommate and buddy is a blind black woman! I jumped up and down for joy in my seat because I have been a fan of Leslie Uggams for years and I LOVED the character of Al. Yeah, she’s raunchy too.

BECHDEL TEST (Website): 1 of 3. Improvement for the sequel!

RACIAL BECHDEL TEST (Website): 1 of 3. Improvement for the sequel!

IMDB: Deadpool (2016)

OFFICIAL MOVIE WEBSITE: Deadpool | Official 2016 Site | Deadpool on Twitter | Deadpool on Facebook

DVD/BLU-RAY WORTHY: Yes. Absolutely

LION PAW PRINTS:  4 of 5. This is a perfect salute to a comic character.

Deadpool Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Ryan Reynolds Movie HD

Deadpool Official Trailer #2 (2016) – Ryan Reynolds Movie HD

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