Good News: “#IfHogwartsWasAnHBCU & Clortho Wizard High”

Hogwarts crestOh. Oh my friends, some things are so good they make your heart soar and soul sing. I’m talking about the Twitter hashtag .

My friend KSD alerted me to this glorious trend through the BuzzfeHBCU logoed article:

Have You Ever Wondered What Hogwarts Would Be Like If It Was An HBCU?

Go ahead: Click on the link and READ! It is soooo good! Oh and yes I do want to see that movie!!!! BTW: HBCU means “Historically Black Colleges & Universities”. Hey, I had to look that up too.

Also note that you can click to see the latest additions on Twitter.

After enjoying the Buzzfeed article and going to view the latest on Twitter, I shared with KSD, now you, the Key and Peele skit Clortho Wizard High School.

So good.

Enjoy. And seriously I love a good racial bending and this, oh again, I want to see Hogwarts as an HBCU. I mean, you could have a Clortho student get a scholarship. Now please. đŸ™‚

EDIT: And I also found these fun links:

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