CFR In Addition: “Farewell Patrick Macnee”

Patrick Macnee's Steed silhouette

R.I.P. Patrick Macnee

Another celebrity passing has happened: Patrick Macnee. There are many good farewell articles to him and I have listed them below. However my favorite, and the one I needed to link to is this: Patrick Macnee Proved A Gentleman Hero Could Treat Women As Equals.

I first saw him as John Steed, lead male character in the British TV series  The Avengers – no connection to the Marvel universe. He was indeed a gentleman who was perfectly fine working along side a woman as an equal. Now remember this show appeared in the early ’60s. It was a groundbreaking show in part due to the quality and in part due to the incredible women on the show. Heroines came and went but Steed was always steady and was always there – and always a perfect gentleman. Needless to say I LOVE that show. He wrote a book about his experiences – pictured below – and I believe I will have to get it.

Picture of "The Avengers: This Inside Story"

I will miss this man.

Portrait of actor Patrick Macnee.

Farewell Articles:


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