CFR: In Addition: “RIP Sir Christopher Lee”

It was sad for me today to open up my news feeds and see that Sir Christopher Lee had passed. To honor him I am going to post and link to some better articles and pictures that way more express my respect for this man than I ever could.

Thank you Sir, thank you for everything.

Photo of Sir Christopher Lee.

Photo of Sir Christopher Lee.

Sir Chritopher Lee's accomplishements in picture form.


Sir Christopher Lee rocks portrait

Sir Christopher Lee: Too much rock for one hand. 🙂

The Mary Sue’s Carolyn Cox wrote a wonderful tribute: Lord of the Rings and Star Wars Star Sir Christopher Lee Passes Away at 93.  The UK Telegraph had this tribute: Sir Christopher Lee dies at 93. You can read about his acting career on IMDB.

I shall end with Ms. Cox’s excellent subtitle for her article. I think it sums up Sir Lee’s passing perfectly: Lay down your sweet and weary head/Night is falling/You’ve come to journey’s end.

I feel certain Lee and Pratchett are enjoying themselves on the other side.

Mildred: In Addition – Mildred, my CFR buddy sent me this wonderful link that I just had to add: That time Christopher Lee, former Nazi hunter, told Peter Jackson what a man sounds like when he’s stabbed in the back. OMG. Sir Lee, thank you so much for hunting Nazis. You rock!

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